Alexis Christoforides (alexis_thenull) wrote,
Alexis Christoforides

Balloons - #1

Hello Livejournal. I've been reading you, but I have not been using you to post.

I will now. I'll be posting (hopefully) near-daily sketches up here, to track my progress from horrible to passable.

And so that YOU! the imaginary reader! Can post feedback on it. Feel free to be cruel, or nice, or a bit of both. Constructive tips are doubly appreciated!

Here's my first one. It's me and two of my friends. Very rough, but I don't know if it's worth continuing; it's too ambitious for my skills right now, and it shows.

Thanks Everyone!


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    It turned out... okay. Messed up a bunch of things, but a lot of them were hidden from using .7 marker for inking. All feedback will be loved…

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    Iran is training Cirinists.

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